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  1. ance, % The chart below shows historical data on percentages of the total market capitalization of the most popular cryptocurrencies. Here the market do
  2. ance of various cryptocurrencies
  3. The above chart shows the total cryptocurrency market capitalization, excluding Bitcoin. The total includes stablecoins and tokens. To many people in crypto this is a key Bitcoin graph to understand the entire space. It is also a way to view the total alt coin market cap
  4. ance: BTC: 46.8% ETH: 17.4% ETH Gas: 220 Gwei Cryptocurrencies Exchange

If the total market cap of the total crypto universe breaks this triangle watch out as the market cap could fall down to 800 Billion from 1.5Trillion currently. Triangles are normally continuation patterns which resolve in the direction of the preceding trend which was down in this case. The breakdown (if it happens) should be accompanied by greater volume in.. The market capitalization of Bitcoin constituted 66 percent of total market cap of all cryptocurrencies in 2020. This figure decreased from 86 percent in 2015, in large part due to the rise of.. Today's Cryptocurrency Prices by Market Cap. The global crypto market cap is $1.58T, a 2.54% increase over the last day. The total crypto market volume over the last 24 hours is $78.29B, which makes a 16.36 % decrease. The total volume in DeFi is currently $5.40B, 6.90% of the total crypto market 24-hour volume

According to Coinmarketcap.com, as of April 2nd 2018 the total capitalization of the cryptocurrency market was around 263 billion US dollars, spanning 1,596 different coins, Bitcoin dominating 45.5% of the total market with a market cap of USD$119.5 billion The cumulative market capitalization of cryptocurrencies grew around 300 percent in 2020, as the digital coins became an increasingly investment tool. This was even above the market cap reached in.. Total Cryptocurrency Market Capitalization is the most widely quoted and well-known cryptocurrency data metric in the world. While referenced and quoted every day by millions of people within the investment community as one of the key metrics measuring the expansions and declines transpiring in the space, Total Cryptocurrency Market Capitalization has no means or ability to be minted in real.

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@Belzebump, 1.515 T USD is the amount of Fiat Currency has been used to purchase Cryptocurrencies and Within the blockchain industry, the term market capitalization (or market cap) refers to a metric that measures the relative size of a cryptocurrency.It is calculated by multiplying the current market price of a particular coin or token with the total number of coins in circulation Market Capitalization: US$23.04 billion USD Coin (USDC) is a stable coin pegged to the value of US$1, so it makes it easy to sell users' crypto assets for virtual fiat currencies. Even though the digital currency's price is not appealing, its stability and coordination with the market rate make it worth a try In the cryptocurrency world, Bitcoin has consistently held the top spot when it comes to overall market capitalization. As of January 13, 2021, Bitcoin currently captures around 68% of the cryptocurrency market. Ethereum comes in second, making up almost 13% of total market cap. Bitcoin—it's volatile and valuable, and it's also in vogue. Total Cryptocurrency Market Value Hits Record $1 Trillion The total value of all cryptocurrencies passed $1 trillion Wednesday for the first time ever, per CoinGecko 's index of 6,124 assets. At..

Total Market Capitalization Dominance, %. Bitcoin. 45.63. Ethereum. 17.37. Ripple. 2.37. Bitcoin Cash. 0.71 Number of markets available on Coinranking. 73,626. Advertise here. Bitcoin dominance. The market share of Bitcoin in comparison to all other cryptocurrencies, by market cap. 46.08%. Alt dominance. The market share of alternative coins in comparison to Bitcoin. 53.92%

Former Goldman Sachs executive and Real Vision co-founder Raoul Pal has revealed he believes the total market capitalization of bitcoin and all other cryptocurrencies will grow to surpass $100 trillion, up from its current $1.7 trillion On the TradingView Total Market Cap page (link shown in the first paragraph above), you can also chart Total Market Capitalization Excluding Bitcoin and the Total Market Capitalization Dominance for each crypto as a percentage. Both of these charts can help you better understand the cryptocurrency landscape. By subtractin

The total crypto market volume over the last 24 hours is $196 Billion, a 10.5% increase. Current top cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Tether (USDT). Decentralized Finance (DeFi) total 24 hour trading volume is $11.1 Billion, which is 3.52% of the total crypto market. Crypto stablecoin total 24 hour trading volume is $114 Billion, 36.48% of the total crypto market The total market capitalization of the cryptocurrency market reached an all-time high of $1.44 trillion early on February 10th, 2020 as interest in cryptocurrencies and blockchains continues to increase.. Bitcoin's value soared on February 8th as news of Tesla's acquisition of $1.5 billion in Bitcoin were published by major news outlets, which in addition to Elon Musk's personal. Total Supplyis the total amount of coins in existence right now Cryptocurrency market capitalization is both a quick way to gauge a coin's value, and a more than it seems. A healthy market cap is indicative of a strong coin, but developers or whales holding coins can mislead. Always weigh market cap with some of the other metrics before making an investment decision. Sources. Competition. Top 100 Cryptocurrencies by Market Capitalization

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The first ten cryptocurrencies with the highest market cap make up about 88% of the total cryptocurrency market value. (Source: Block Social) This includes Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Tether, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV, Litecoin, Binance Coin, EOS, and Tezos. 7. Cryptocurrency exchanges around the globe exceeded 300 as of 2020. (Source: Block Social Furthermore, almost 100 cryptocurrencies have a market capitalization of at least $100 million. (E-Crypto News, 2021) In all, major fraud made up 73% of the cryptocurrency crime total in 2020. (CipherTrace, 2021) Meanwhile, 50% of all cryptocurrency thefts in 2020, which amounts to $129 million, were hacks and frauds related to decentralized finance (DeFi). (CipherTrace, 2021) Furthermore.

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The cryptocurrency market is looking bullish, and according to specific experts, it could one day be worth regarding market cap at least $40 trillion. One of the experts who believe it will reach $40 trillion is the founder of Pantera Capital, Dan Morehead. Obviously, we're very bullish on the space. We think we're way The potential outcome of this would be a total cryptocurrency market cap of around $10 trillion at the peak of the next bubble. In this scenario market cap is likely to oscillate within the regression band for a while before starting its climb. But What About $100 Trillion Bitcoin? Ah yes, according to PlanB's stock to flow (S2F) model, the Bitcoin market cap alone is projected to go to $100. The total global market cap of all cryptocurrencies yesterday hit $1 trillion for the first time, according to CoinGecko. This marked a major milestone for the 6,124 digital assets tracked on the platform. Bitcoin is still the dominant force, accounting for $717,893,611,191 billion market cap at the time of writing after its recent price explosion to over $40,000. Today, it surpassed social. The total cryptocurrency market cap (capitalization) is calculated by adding together the market capitalization of all of the cryptocurrencies listed on coincodex. Source: i.redd.it. The total market cap of cryptocurrency is an aggregation of the entire current market value across all altcoins and bitcoin included. Follow this list to discover. Crypto market capitalization or crypto market cap for short is a widely used metric that is commonly used to compare the relative size of different cryptocurrencies. On CoinCodex, market cap is the default metric by which we rank cryptocurrencies on our frontpage. We also track the total cryptocurrency market cap by adding together the market cap of all the cryptocurrencies listed on.

Our crypto valuations and cryptocurrency market cap calculations. Coin To Currency crypto valuation = Total circulating supply of an asset * Currency Market Price Coin To Currency total cryptocurrency market capitalization = Sum of all cryptocurrencies listed on the Cointocurrency.com Cointocurrency list all cryptos available in the market? The Crypto market is a huge market including a really. Calculating Cryptocurrency Market Cap. Market cap = Total Circulating Supply * Price of each coin. In other words, it is a product of the coin's circulating supply and the price of each coin. Let's take an example: If A Coin has 300,000 coins in circulation and each coin is worth $2, the A Coin's market cap will be 300,000*2 = $600,000

The Satis report analyzed the target addressable markets for the entire cryptoasset market and found that the total implied market cap to be $3.6 trillion by 2028 using the a similar equation of exchange model to the one developed in this research report. According to the Satis report, the major application of cryptocurrencies is offshore deposits. They estimate cryptocurrencies will penetrate. Total Cryptocurrency Market Value Hits Record $1 Trillion. The total value of all cryptocurrencies passed $1 trillion Wednesday for the first time ever, per CoinGecko 's index of 6,124 assets. Top Coins by Market Cap. market cap $1,275,263,360,885. 30d. volume 24h $85,843,674,998. 7d. liquidity ±2 % $3,569,274,416. 24h. bitcoin dominance 46.26 % 30d. Customize New! 0 Filters. 0. Earn on Crypto Nexo 12% APY. Play & Win! Wolfbet Play & Win! Swap here! 1inch. Trade Now eToro. AI Trading Stoic. Live Crypto Prices; Rank Coin Price Market Cap Volume 24h Liquidity ±2% All-time High 1h. Cryptocurrency Market Capitalization. Top Movers. FSN. 0.4117 USD-47.60 % — AAVEDOWN. 0.1907 USD 41.20 % — DOCK. 0.054502 USD-39.40 % — LSK. 1.7889 USD-37.80 % — DNT. 0.1234 USD-37.70 % — ADADOWN. 0.070893 USD 37.70 % — DOTDOWN. 0.017198 USD 37.60 % — XRPDOWN. 0.035285 USD 36.80 % — XLMUP. 0.059994 USD-34.80 % — SXPUP. 0.2828 USD-31.90 % — Total Market Capitalization. No. Cryptocurrencies' market capitalization varies based on the price of the underlying trends. There are hundreds of cryptocurrencies out there, with new ones mushrooming every day and old ones disappearing seemingly just as fast as they appeared. It is reasonable for crypto investors to get overwhelmed by digital currencies as many fairytales and nightmares emerge from the market

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With roughly 55% of the total crypto market cap, it remains far and away the most valuable coin, roughly three times as valuable as Ethereum. There is a huge gap between Bitcoin and Ethereum, but also a large gap between Ethereum and third-place Ripple. There are still relatively few valuable cryptocurrencies. Only 12 coins have a total market cap of over $1 billion. It's not uncommon for. Top 20 Cryptocurrencies by Market Capitalization including Bitcoin - 7 march 2021. And if we add Bitcoin in the ranking of the world's top Cryptos by Market Cap what changes? Bitcoin leads the way with over 954 billion (almost 955) in market capitalization. A value that far exceeds all other Cryptos as you can see from the table below. To make more of what I explained above, namely the. This Crypto has a total market capitalization of 8 billion. Top 15 Cryptocurrencies by Market Capitalization including Bitcoin. The video above showed the top 15 Cryptos by market cap. Below instead I want to show you the best Cryptos even taking Bitcoin into consideration. In fact the latter is obviously the top Crypto in the world. As of mid-February, the market capitalization is well over. Total Cryptocurrency Market Capitalization - CoinGecko Global Charts. During the last bull run of 2017-18, the total cryptocurrency market capitalization was able to $848 Billion and was slightly short of this achievement. The cryptocurrency and blockchain market will usher in a new era of established status as an unconventional asset gaining widespread approval. According to the.

Market cap or market capitalization is the total cost of all the shares of a company's stock. Very simply, if we multiply the total number of shares by the price of the share, we can find out the market value of the company. When it comes to crypto, it is commonly felt that the market cap of crypto is the amount of money invested in that particular coin. However, this is not entirely true. Cryptocurrency News Cryptocurrency Total Market Capitalization Reaches $1 trillion. Adebayo Owotunse (Nigeria) January 7, 2021 - Last Updated: January 7, 2021. 2 minutes read . Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Tumblr Pinterest Reddit Pocket. The crypto industry is experiencing some of the best moments this year as it hits an iconic $1 trillion market cap. The latest development is not unusual. DeFi leads charge as total cryptocurrency market capitalization gains $400 billion. Altcoins, particularly the DeFi sector, led a bullish charge on Monday after some decentralized finance tokens saw their prices increase by more than 60% as Bitcoin price pushes to the $38,000 level trading zone. The push in BTC price has caused its market. The market capitalisation of the Top 10 cryptocurrencies grew by $4.34bn in a month (August 2018 vs July 2018). There were 2,041 cryptocurrencies with a total market capitalisation of $253bn. Top 10 cryptocurrencies July update. TRON dropped out of the top 10 into the number 11 spot. It was replaced by Tether Total Crypto Market cap could rise big in next few months. The whole crypto market from Bitcoin to Major cap altcoins are rising together lately, That's a positive sign for a crypto ecosystem which also promises future rally. On a weekly time frame, Total Market cap had bounced from trendline support at 170B$, and Trendline resistance is at 280$

Global cryptocurrency market capitalization has hit $2T in the recent bull run, up over 1,600% in the past 2 years. Back in 2019, the market cap was just hovering around $110B. This skyrocket to an industry all-time high has made investors from all corners of the world lean in and pay close attention to where crypto goes next. The term 'market cap' is short for 'market capitalization. Total Crypto Market Cap Sets a New All-Time High at $2.4 Trillion (Market Watch) The crypto market cap registered a new record at almost $2.4 trillion as bitcoin touched $58,000 and Ethereum marked yet another ATH at $3,560. Following another dip to sub $54,000 levels, bitcoin has recovered some ground and added about $3,000 of value The market cap of the NFT Tokens sector is $ 14.34B, representing 0.99% of the total cryptocurrency market cap. The NFT Tokens sector saw $ 2.02B in trading volume over the last day. NFTs are unique blockchain tokens that serve as a digital certificate of ownership for both virtual and real-world assets. This section features tokens that are associated with the NFT sector, for example tokens.

Weekly Price Analysis: Total Crypto Market Cap Gains By 27%. The last week in May was a bullish period for the entire cryptocurrency market. The entire cryptocurrencies opened the week with the total market capitalization of $1.23 trillion, it kept on increasing and it is now standing at $1.558 trillion, indicating a gain of about 27% As cryptocurrencies continue to gain traction among investors and traders, the crypto sector has risen to a total valuation of more than $1.2 trillion. In Feb 2021, it was seen that there were more than 55 unicorn status projects that had a market capitalization of over $1 billion at that time Cryptocurrency prices, cryptocurrencies, bitcoin, market cap, btc price, crypto market, crypto exchange, crypto news. 5130 cryptocurrencies Total Market Cap $1,741.00B. 24h Total Volume $33.65B. search brightness_medium; menu; Cryptocurrency; publicHome Page; trending_upTop Risers; trending_downTop Fallers; star_borderFavorite coins; compare_arrowsCryptocurrency calculator; translate Language. As mentioned before, the total market capitalization is the sum of all individual market caps of every project tracked as part of the cryptocurrency industry. Newcomers may think it is just Bitcoin and Ethereum, but thousands of projects have some value. How high that value is, differs significantly from one project to the next. Given the rate at which new crypto-assets and tokens are created.

Also, note that the total supply is not the same as the max supply of a cryptocurrency. The total supply does not reflect the number of coins that will be created in the future. Example: On October 2, 2019, Bitcoin's total supply is equal to 17,969,137 BTC, Ethereum's TS is 107,980,387 ETH and Zcash's total supply is 7,540,119 ZEC Market Cap. The market cap of a coin is the total value of all coins in circulation and is one metric used to determine value. The general way the market cap is calculated is the last traded price, or the average traded price of a coin, multiplied by its total circulating coin supply. For example, in the case of Bitcoin, when a Bitcoin is traded at $10,000, we multiply that by its total. To put it simply, cryptocurrency market capitalization is the value of all crypto tokens in circulation. To calculate the market capitalization, you should multiply the amount of all circulating tokens by the price of 1 unit. Market cap is a lot less complicated than it sounds. Let's explain market capitalization rate with an example. Imagine that there is an organization that emitted. Market caps of between $3 billion and $10 billion are considered mid-cap companies with more room for growth. And market caps of between $300 million to $3 billion are considered small-cap companies and are generally riskier investments. With the growth of cryptocurrency, people are starting to look at market caps in crypto markets as well Total Crypto Market Capitalization Index. Top Cryptocurrencies By Market Cap. Top 100 Cryptocurrencies Heatmap. Cryptocurrency Prices. USD; EUR; GPB; AUD; JPY; Bitcoin(BTC) $46,231.00 6.69%. Ethereum(ETH) $1,727.25-.03%. XRP(XRP) $0.457884 2.45%. Litecoin(LTC) $168.48 3.99%. Bitcoin Cash(BCH) $500.96 6.73%. EOS(EOS) $3.67 5.34%. Subscribe to Our Newsletter. Please leave this field empty.

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Market cap is short for market capitalization, meaning the total value of a particular cryptocurrency. It indicates how much the entire cryptocurrency is worth, and it is determined regarding the number of coins in circulation and the price per coin. As we have already mentioned, market capitalization is not the amount of money that is in a particular crypto value. It is the value of all the. Examples of NFT include crypto artwork, collectibles, game items, financial products, and more. The NFT tokens market cap for today is $18,560,197,949.59 with a total trading volume of $1,637,905,700.44 in the last 24 hours. 486341.51991466235. NFT Market Cap Total Crypto Market Cap Breaks The January 2018 ATH: Bitcoin Touches $33K. The cryptocurrency market capitalization has reached a significant milestone by charting a fresh all-time high above $836 billion while BTC touched $33K. Shortly after bitcoin broke above its 2017 all-time high of $20,000, most of the cryptocurrencies followed with. This is your go-to page to see all available crypto assets. More than 200 of coins are presented here. The default setting shows prices in USD and sorts crypto assets based on the market capitalization. Click the USD — BTC switch to see prices in bitcoins. The key metrics such as the closing price, total and available number of coins, traded.

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The value of the cryptocurrency market topped $2 trillion for the first time on Monday. Ether hit an all-time high of $2,151.25 on Tuesday morning Singapore time, according to CoinDesk Live Cryptocurrency prices from all markets and market Capitalization. Stay up to date with the latest cryptocurrency price movements. Check our coin stats data and see when there is an opportunity to buy or sell coin at best price. Cryptocurrencies 1840 Total Market Cap $1.37T. BTC Market Cap $618.14B ETH Market Cap $232.01B ☰ Home; About Us; Top Gainer Coins; Top Loser Coins; Contact Us. Market Cap in short means Market Capitalization. It is a record of capital being invested in a crypto and is used to estimate the total value of the cryptocurrency. The below market cap calculator tool helps you to quickly calculate the market capitalization of a particular crypto asset Bitcoin and the rest of the cryptocurrency space is currently a sea of green after today's rally added over $20 billion in market cap to the total cryptocurrency market.. In less than 24 hours, the total market cap across all cryptocurrencies combined, grew by over 10% thanks to a massive surge from Bitcoin and continued growth in a variety of altcoins Total market cap of cryptocurrencies 2025 . Coinmarketcap.com is perhaps the most popular site for monitoring the values of cryptocurrencies. While one can look at specific coins, one can also look at the total market cap, i.e. the summed value in USD of every coin's worth. As of 2020 October 14th, this value is 359B USD, down from all time high of 831B USD on 2018 Jan. 7th. The total market.

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Cryptocurrency made a big leap in the year 2017 when its market capitalization grew from $18 billion to $800 billion but then again fell down to $260 billion in 2020. The same has now increased to over $900 billion now. In 2021, a total of over 1600 cryptocurrencies are available to mine, sell or purchase and the list is just growing Total Cryptocurrency Market Cap. This week, TOTALCAP increased above the $390 billion resistance level to reach a high of $410 billion. This is the highest value recorded since Apr 2018. However, it has fallen back below $400 billion since. Technical indicators have begun to show weakness. The weekly RSI has generated some bearish divergence, as has the weekly MACD, which has begun to decrease. Cryptocurrency Prices, Charts, News And Crypto Market Capitalization — CryptoPriceTicker only uses data for the basic requirements of using and interacting with our web app and/or website Cryptocurrencies by Market Cap (historical) Switch to Percentage Chart. open_in_new More Statistics. Support the Team Through site feedback, content submissions, and donations, you help Coin Dance realize its vision. Your donations directly support site development, content quality control, and technical research, which is necessary for the project to achieve its goals of empowering the.

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The total cryptocurrency market capitalization since January 1, 2017. In the previous cryptocurrency bull market cycle, the total market cap topped out at around $800 billion in early 2018. Notably, altcoins played a much bigger part in the cryptocurrency market back then - in January 2018, Bitcoin dominance dropped all the way down to 33%, while it is sitting at 68% amidst the current total. $1 140 175 833 339 Total Market Cap: Why Crypto investing. Crypto investing is a buzz word for investors today - in April 2019 the cryptocurrency market capitalization has passed the $150 billion market and is aiming at new heights. Watching the TOP 20 cryptocurrency rating is like riding a roller coaster - the price movements can be swift and breathtaking. What coin has won the race. This means that our total Market cap is $1000. If the price of each Blockonomi Coin drops to $.90, then our market cap also drops to $900. What's important about market cap is that it's highly dependent not only on the price of each coin or token but on the total supply available. Let's look at a real-world cryptocurrency. Dogecoin, which.

Total cryptocurrency market capitalization hits record $1 Trillion on January 7th, as Bitcoin surged to a record high. Previous record of $835 billion was 2 years ago, on January 7th, 2018. $ Bitcoin's surge to the sky continues, helping push the market capitalization for cryptocurrencies above $1 trillion, according to. The Total Cryptocurrency Market Cap (CRYPTOCAP) has broken out and validated an important horizontal level as support. As long as it is trading above it, the trend remains bullish. Cryptocurrency Cap Re-Tests Resistance The CRYPTOCAP has increased by 186% since the March crash 186 days ago. The early September losses caused it to return and validate the $300 billion level as support . ×.

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TOTAL. , 1D Short. AlanSantana May 13. The charts are now changing... This is the total cryptocurrency market capitalization, Bitcoin + Altcoins. Today, we have the highest volume, bear volume/red, since February 2021. Yesterday, TOTAL close below EMA10 and EMA21 with EMA50 being tested today The total market cap of digital currencies dropped below $1.4 trillion on Monday. According to the latest data published by Coinmarketcap, Bitcoin, the world's largest cryptocurrency, crashed below $34,000 today. As of writing, the total market of BTC stands at around $640 billion

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Total Cryptocurrency Market Capitalization Hits A Major Milestone; Crossing $1 Trillion. The market capitalization of the entire cryptocurrency market has now surpassed $1 trillion, a level never seen before. With this, the crypto market has achieved 10% of the gold's $10 trillion market cap Market capitalization, also called market cap or market capitalization, is a concept widely used in economics and finance, and is especially important in the world of cryptocurrencies.. The traditional use of the term refers to the public's opinion of a company's equity value.Market capitalization is measured as the total number of shares multiplied by the price of each share at a given time Bitcoin eventually cuts the market cap in half (Total 2) May 24, 2021 by archyde. Major cryptocurrency market conditions at this time-Coinmarket cap capture : China's Deputy Prime Minister Liu Hee continues to shock and the market cap of Bitcoin, a representative cryptocurrency (virtual currency), has been cut in half. As of 6 am on the 24th, Bitcoin is recording $33,693, down 11.42% from 24. Small-cap cryptocurrencies have a market cap of less than $1 billion and are most susceptible to dramatic swings based on market sentiment. Market cap is a useful metric for comparing the total value of cryptocurrencies, but market trends, a cryptocurrency's stability, and your own financial situation all need to be considered when weighing the risks of any investment

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